Most Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the most Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ about luxury Villa Zivana. Here you can find out what is sojourn tax, how you can get to the villa that is located on the island, are there shops nearby villa, what currency and payment method is used in Croatia and ect. If you have any additional question feel free to contact the owner of the Villa Zivana!

1.What is Sojourn Tax?

A  Sojourn Tax is a tax that the visitor pays per each day of staying in the agreed accommodation. It is calculated per person and per night, depending on the season and the category of the tourist destination.

2. Will our villa have a shop nearby?

Yes, there are shops, restaurants, ...

3. What currency and payment method is used in Croatia?

The local currency in Croatia is the Croatian Kuna (HRK) which you can exchange at the airport, in banks, exchange offices and the local ATMs. You can also pay in cash and credit cards

5. Are pets allowed in your villa?

Yes, pets are allowed on request in Villa Zivana.

6. Do the prices apply to the entire villa or do you charge per person?

The prices indicated apply to the entire villa for one night.